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Data Engineering is the only solution in Dynatrace that "sucks";)... it "sucks in" all the company-owned data and makes it actionable for analysts, managers, executives, and customers. Remember that data = information = knowledge = power. Data Engineering holds the keys to that power by running a pipeline that gathers, processes, and analyzes data from all over Dynatrace. Become part of a game-changing project. Together we can build reports that make business decisions easier and our customers happier

About the role

A Senior Business Intelligence Engineer is responsible for the Business Intelligence ETL pipeline and reporting. The Dynatrace BI pipeline gathers all sorts of data produced and available within Dynatrace, processes it, and delivers it for analysis and reporting. The wide range of currently processed data includes data from the Dynatrace API (such as Internal Entity Model, Feature Flags, Database Insights, and more coming through Cluster Data Hub), BAS, Salesforce, Davis, Dynatrace University, Jira, and Intercom. The goal of the ETL pipeline is to flawlessly extract, process, and make available this data for swift reporting.

The second part of a BI Engineer's responsibilities, where more focus is expected, is the BI reporting platform. Currently we run POCs based on two solutions: Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. Within a few weeks, we will select just one of them to go forward with. The BI Engineer will be responsible for designing data views based on SQL queries against AWS Redshift, where data coming out of the pipeline is stored. Those data views are necessary to create BI reports.

As the Senior Business Intelligence Engineer, you will work as a member of the Data Engineering team to ensure the highest quality data is made available for swift analysis and BI report generation.

Desired skills & experience

  • Strong work experience in data warehousing and business intelligence in an enterprise setting
  • Advanced SQL knowledge (5+ years experience), including optimizing data structure and fast data retrieval from data warehouses such as AWS Redshift.
  • Ability to build data models dealing with heterogeneous data sources
  • Ability to work with large-scale data sets
  • Engineering experience with Java / Python
  • Experience with cloud platforms (AWS/Azure)
  • Experience and willingness to work in a fast-moving, agile environment
  • Deep knowledge of Microsoft BI (Power BI, SSAS/SSRS, DAX) or Tableau solutions
  • Experience building interactive dashboards providing self-service capabilities
  • Experience in enabling an organization to become highly data-driven
  • Experience in data processing with, for example, Spark
  • Experience working for B2B companies with IT focus
  • Skills in Machine Learning and advanced analytics.


  • Support the company-wide implementation of a BI solution (Microsoft Power BI) for governed and self-service analytics
  • Coordinate with key stakeholders (including BI expert, Analytics team, and Product management) to deliver and optimize data sources to address specified business requirements
  • Monitor the performance of, and troubleshoot, the BI solution involving test cases and performance tests
  • Participate in implementation of interactive dashboards / reports on top of data models for various stakeholder groups
  • Engage in processes ensuring the highest security standards in controlling data access
  • Manage analytics projects along the development life cycle
  • Participate in implementation of the data processing pipeline

Recruitment process

Step 1: Please send us your application. If your application matches our profile we will invite you for on-line screening interview with our Talent Acquisition team representative.
Step 2: We invite you to a personal meeting with us. You meet with Development Lead and team members to talk about your experience, technical skills, and English communication skills.
Step 3: We would like you to take a case study workshop challenge so we can get a better sense of your Business Intelligence engineering skills.
Step 4: You meet with a Development Lead and HR representative to sign your contract. Congratulations and welcome to the Dynatrace Team!


Software developer 6,5k - 11k
gross per month
Mid Software developer 8,5k - 15k
gross per month
Senior Software developer 12k - 22k
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Anna Czoska
Talent Acquisition Specialist anna-czoska-dynatrace-com
+48 693 067 190

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