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Anna Brzezinska

Anna heads out Talent team, making sure to deliver the best candidate and employee experience in the IT industry. From the very first contact with candidates, through superb and unique interviewing and onboarding, all the way to learning and development of our employees, she makes sure we scale smart!

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Anna Czoska

Anna is responsible for the full cycle of talent acquisition activities, building a great candidate experience, and onboarding new team members. She takes part in all recruiting and employer branding actions and works with our hiring managers to bring the most talented people to our team.

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Lucyna Grochowska

Lucyna manages our talent acquisition tasks to make sure we deliver the best candidate experience journey. She is also involved in our employee experience and engagement projects. Together with Ania, she creates and implements our employer-of-choice recruiting strategy on the IT market.

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Aga Korol

Agnieszka will provide you with a unique onboarding experience. When you decide to relocate to us, she makes sure your accommodation in Gdańsk goes smoothly. She takes care of the employee experience by organizing the best team events for the lab.

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Agnieszka Plewinska-Kowalska

Agnieszka solves your everyday office problems. She organizes your work environment, helps you arrange and settle business trips, facilitates cooperation with external vendors, and takes care of many more tasks that make your everyday work easier.

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Hania Noetzel

Hania takes care of managing our language classes. Together with Agnieszka, she also helps to organize business travel for our employees and guests. She’s responsible for all the purchases that make work at Dynatrace comfortable, from desks and chairs to daily munchies. When something breaks in the office, she’s the one to report it and arrange repair services.

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Kamil Kazimierczak

Kamil creates and oversees our employer brand on the market and within our organization. He organizes all employee experience events in our lab and makes sure we take part in important conferences, meetups, and events on the market. He leads our Evangelist Program and cooperates with all our partners when it comes to branding and public relations.


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