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We know how to return a favor

If you refer a friend to us and we hire your friend, we give you a reward.

The size of your reward depends on your friend's experience elsewhere and on how well your friend performs at Dynatrace after hiring.


Also, we divide the reward payout into parts:  Also, we divide the reward payout into parts:

  • The first part comes right after we hire your friend
  • The other two parts come progressively as your friend proves their value to us. 

You can get even more money if your friend quickly becomes a leader:

Professional experience
(rounded up to years)
Referral Value
Internship -
Under 6 years 5.000 PLN
6 to 12 years 9.000 PLN
More than 12 years 15.000 PLN
  • 2.000 PLN when your friend will become a Team Leader within 6 months
  • 4.000 PLN when your friend will become Department Leader within 6 months

Tell your friend

Before you do anything else, tell your friend about your intention to make a referral. If your friend doesn't want you to do it, don't do it. Before you do anything else, tell your friend about your intention to make a referral. If your friend doesn't want you to do it, don't do it.
You can refer someone for any position, technical or otherwise, including positions that are not currently open.

How the process begins

As soon as you inform your friend about your referral, you can use the "Refer a friend" link on this page to start the referral process. It’s straightforward and won’t take you more than couple of minutes.

However, you have to remember that only referrals initiated by special link from our website will start valid referral process, that will lead you to reward.

Now, it’s our turn

After you refer your friend, relax and let the Talent Acquisition team walk your friend through our recruitment process. It may take few weeks from beginning to end, so try not to be impatient. 

We start by calling your friend to see if they are still interested in working at Dynatrace. If so, the general recruitment process begins.

Take a look, how our recruitment process looks like.

Handshake meeting

We start with a visit to our office in person or participating in an online meeting to make sure that both, candidate and Dynatrace want to go through with the rest of the recruitment process.

Skills assessment

After a successful handshake meeting, we test skills to see how one can resolve certain tasks or case studies.

Job offer

After a successful skills assessment, we prepare an individual job offer we believe matches the expectations, skills, and experience presented.

Employment starts

After a successful job offer, soon after the first day of your friend’s employment at Dynatrace, you receive the first part of your referral reward. Subsequent payments are made as described earlier.

There are some restrictions

Use the link below to refer your friend

You have to use the "Refer a friend" link at the bottom of this page to start the official referral process. No other form of referral (such as a conversation) qualifies for a reward under this program.


Referral is valid for 12 months

If your friend and Dynatrace part company early, you don't get any remaining payouts that were due to you under this program before your friend left Dynatrace.
A referral is valid for only 12 months. If your friend is not hired by Dynatrace within 12 months of your referral, the referral is canceled and you will not receive a reward even if Dynatrace later hires the person. (However, you can refer your friend again after 12 months and restart the process for you and that friend.)

We cannot use your recommendation as a referral if the person you recommend has already applied to us within the past 12 months.

Refer a friend

Ready to refer your friend? You already know it’s easy and highly beneficial for Dynatrace, your friend and of course - you!