New Frontiers – to boldly go where we have not gone before!

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Kamil Kazimierczak

October 01, 2020

As IT environments become more and more heterogeneous—think of how many different databases and queues you're using today—the number of available integrations you can offer has become the currency of our business. In response to this, not long ago we launched a team called New Frontiers, which is looking to hire Research Engineers with a DevOps background here in Gdańsk. The core challenge for the team is to tackle a broad range of technologies, from cutting edge stuff to rare and unusual software, while maintaining the quality level customers expect in the enterprise space. 

This is no easy task. It requires a particular skill set.


To deliver high-quality integrations addressing customer needs, we are looking for people who can work end2end for any given solution. DevOps experience provides a great base of knowledge for a multitude of technologies and challenges that customers might have. Moreover, this role requires a mixture of product and engineering work to deliver value to the customer. Delivering such technology extensions requires working beyond typical roles like engineer, DevOps, product manager, tester, or marketing manager. Being part of this team exposes you to all of those roles for a broad set of technologies. - Grzegorz Majchrzak, aka. GM, Software Development Director

Not an easy opening to fill. Fortunately, we found Vagiz, or Vagiz found us. For him, coming to Dynatrace offered a perfect fit culturally, and joining New Frontiers would allow him to work with different technologies, research them, productize their monitoring, and not get stuck in a rut. 


Growing tired of the same old routine to turn out the same old software can really contribute to professional burnout. In Dynatrace, though, I sensed from the beginning that I would have the ability to produce better designed, better tweaked, and better finished work over a range of technologies. Even though our team produces a lot of solutions in a short span of time, we keep quality up to the level I look for. - Vagiz Duseev, Software Engineer

We’re also growing the New Frontiers team from inside Dynatrace. Bartosz switched over from another Dynatrace team to New Frontiers in part because it offered the unique opportunity to get in on a team as it forms.


Being able to shape the team as it grows from a single developer is a really nice experience. - Bartosz Banachewicz, Senior Software Engineer


New Frontiers is still small, still evolving, and still looking for good people. The team needs Research Engineers with a DevOps background, people who


  • Skillfully navigate problems they haven't encountered before
  • Collaborate and cooperate easily with others, and proactively ask for help and provide help
  • Can do their own research
  • Like to get their hands dirty with lots of technologies
  • Enjoy cooperating with numerous experts along the way
  • Look far beyond the scope of development

Does that sound like you? Check out the job post here and apply.

Open positions

Developer Advocate for our Dynatrace Platform


10k - 23k PLN GROSS /mo.

HR Business Partner - R&D Global Compensation


7k - 10k PLN GROSS /mo.

Technical Support Engineer


7k - 15k PLN GROSS /mo.