Cleaning Up Mess. What is Design Thinking for a Senior Product Designer? 

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Monika Serafin

March 11, 2021

Have you met Karolina? She is a Senior Product Designer for Applications and Microservices. The first thought that came to her when we spoke about the UX team? Very, very, very…  open-minded, extraordinarily talented, and so funny. Maybe it’s a cliché, but the best people she works with are like family to her. Read the Quick 5 – five quick questions and answers – and get to know us better.  


MS: Karolina, what attracts you to design thinking?  

Karolina Wrońska: Recently I spoke about that during our UX guild meetup UX Coffee. This is the place where we share our knowledge and spend some time with the team. Did you know that our global Design and Experience team consists of 29 design practitioners and is spread over 2 continents, 4 countries, and 5 labs? And in Dynatrace, we know that sharing is caring, so one year ago the UX team started a UX Enablement Guild global initiative where the whole team meets and shares the wisdom😉   

But, back to the Design Thinking. It’s mostly the beauty of collaboration, where designers give non-design-related people the tools and mindset to get a different perspective when looking at the product. It always leads to innovation; to be honest, I’ve never seen a more powerful tool for this purpose. 


MS: Ok, how does the process look?   

KW: There are six stages in the design thinking process: understand, observe, point of view, ideate, prototype, and test. Every step, as well as the whole process, can (and sometimes should) be repeatable.


MS: How does Dynatrace use design thinking?   

KW: We are expanding design thinking to a broader audience in our R&D Labs. As the company grows, more and more people need to see value in design, which makes us more focused on user needs than on releasing features mindlessly. The keyword for design thinking is the user!  


MS: What skills are essential in your job?  

KW: I cannot imagine a designer without empathy. It just won’t work out. We value openness, creativity, and bravery. The last skill is not apparent, but sometimes you need to stand up and defend the data you’ve collected to deliver something valuable for the end user. 


MS: What three words describe your typical day at work? :)  







The Quick 5 is a new series of interviews with Gdansk Lab Dynatracers. Meet our team, get to know us better, and feel free to join our Dynatrace Galaxy! 



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