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Come in, grab a welcome drink and take your seat in a front row for one of 2 panel discussions.


A look into the future of the IT industry: How will AI change our perception of the world?

How has the pandemic affected the industry?

What is the future of AI, automation, and observability? Discussion and case studies.

Guests: Aleksandra Przegalińska (Doctor of Social Sciences, KU Professor in the Department of Network Society Management) and Vincent Stueger (Senior Director Software Development).


A look into the future of work: How do we create and design future workspace?

Are we on the verge of a revolution? If so, what will it look like? Discussion and case studies.

Guests: Veronika Liebetseder (Senior director R&D Lab Ops at Dynatrace), Gerhard Abel (CEO & co-founder PLANETS architects), Zuzanna Skalska (360 inspirations). Moderation: Konrad Jerin (fpiec.pl).


Get to know our new lab! Check out new space o IT map of 3city!


Admire an animated light show on the face of the building streamed to the inside.


Stay and enjoy Dj sets by Stendek and perfomnce by Rosalie. singer, composer and text author, nominated to Frederyk award in 2018 in the debut of the year category.

Guests and Cooperation

People who will appear on the Future is Now stage include: 

Aleksandra Przegalińska is a Doctor of Social Sciences, KU Professor in the Department of Network Society Management, philosopher, a researcher in the development of new technologies, especially artificial intelligence, social robots, and dressing technologies.

Aleksandra Przegalińska

Doctor of Social Sciences, KU Professor in the Department of Network Society Management


Vincent Stueger’s primary goal at the Office of the CTO at Dynatrace is to ensure that our R&D organization scales. He has held CTO and large-scale team leadership roles, and he shares our vision of a modern Software Value Engineering culture, helping us to adapt and evolve Value Creation Teams and the Autonomy Principle, all to make sure we create the world's best product.

Vincent Stueger

Senior Director Software Development


Veronika Leibetseder, Senior Director R&D Lab Operations at Dynatrace, is responsible for all operational processes as well as the entire employer branding of the global engineering locations. She is passionate about employee experience and new work and has recently dealt very intensively with the topic of remote and hybrid work.

Veronika Leibetseder

Senior Director R&D Lab Operations


PLANET architects is an award-winning international architectural studio based in Vienna and Barcelona. The transdisciplinary team of architects, interior designers, product designers, and graphic artists creates integrated design solutions for the minuscule to the multiverse. In 2016, Dynatrace and PLANET began working closely together on various projects aimed at rethinking the dynamic work environments in which we collaborate.
Also-or precisely because of an uncharted future.

Gerhard Abel

Architect, CEO & Founder PLANET architects

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With nearly 2 decades of experience in the industry, Marcin is an expert in attracting FDI and navigating international business relations. He has been engaged in developing the Business Services and IT sector since 2011.  An enthusiast of working with the education system and evolving it to address the market needs, he is a passionate lecturer and a fan of unconventional solutions. He believes in connecting the dots and aspires to inspire.

Marcin Grzegory

Deputy Director & Investors Spokesperson, Invest in Pomerania

Marcin gregory v2

Zuzanna Skalska, as a Strategic Trends advisor for Up-Front Innovation to businesses, public institutions, and NGOs, inspires leaders and decision-makers for radical innovation by crossing perspectives of multipolar complexity.

Zuzanna Skalska

Founding Partner, 360Inspiration | Co-founder Futures Thinking Group Signals of change for Up-Front Innovation & Strategic Futures Thinking


Konrad Jerin is a graduate of the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw. He has held various positions in advertising, marketing, and publishing, and is the founder of the F5 publishing house, which tracks and analyzes market and culture trends and creates specialist industry reports.

Konrad Jerin

Editor-in-chief of the F5 publishing house


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One of our panels will be available live! Join the meeting about the Future of Work. What the future of office work will look like. How are offices created now? How are we going to work? Let's sip the inspiration and deep dive in! 


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