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Take an opportunity to redefine how Dynatrace goes to enterprise!

  • Do you like challenges on the highest level? You can work here with the top world companies as close as possible.
  • Do you like to work with a wide range of technologies? That team is in touch with the most, among all other teams.
  • Are you keen on working on important matter? This team is responsible to make a difference in how the software is delivered, customized and kept up-to-date.

You'll have the opportunity to:

  • Work directly with customers, on-site guardians and all dynatrace teams
  • Work in Java with wide range of technologies - AWS, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Nginx, web servers, ansible and many more...
  • Implement clever ideas to automate and self-heal Dynatrace
  • Learn a lot and have a chance to teach others
  • Work in full-stack, self-organizing and autonomous team
  • Boost your skills in the area you are interested at most

What we do?

Our mission is to deliver Dynatrace product on customer's premises in a convenient, robust and automated way. We fulfill the mission by setting three goals:

  1. Provide python-written linux installer that makes sure all Dynatrace components are ready-to-go
  2. Deliver the Cluster Management Console that allows administrators to not only configure Dynatrace without any frictions but also make them sleep well by self-healing
  3. Build a system that monitors, updates, configures, allows to access remotely all customer's deployments, and many more - we call it Mission Control and everyone in Dynatrace love it.

Find a place for you in our team!

What do we expect from you?

  • Excellent Java programming skills
  • Experience in distributed and multi-tier web applications
  • Ability to perceive tasks from a global end-to-end perspective - providing deliverable functionality
  • Comfort with using and writing REST-based interfaces
  • Knowledge of test design and execution using JUnit
  • Very good communication skills in English
  • Linux administration experience is very well perceived
  • Familiarity with Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Nginx, Python, GWT or Angular (2+) is a plus

What you can get?

  • Each sprint, you receive friendly feedback on your performance to help you boost your skills
  • We work with wide-range of technologies – Java, Python, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, AWS, Nginx, web servers, Ansible + Tower and many many more - it’s a chance for you to develop your skills
  • We work according to Agile Dev principles, we make sure all the team efforts are transparent, we inspect our progress daily and find ways to improve the value we deliver as the team
  • We understand and truly believe that everyone in the team does the best job possible
  • An opportunity to work in one of the most important teams in the company that is not only a leader, but defines the whole market of APM!

Why to not just meet with us and talk on details? We will be happy to meet you in person!

Recruitment process

**Step 1:** You send your job application
**Step 2:** We invite you to a personal meeting with us.
**Step 3:** You meet with Development Lead and team members to talk about your experience, technical skills, and English communication skills
**Step 4:** You meeet with a Development Lead and HR representative to sign your contract. Congratulations and welcome to the Dynatrace Team!

Optional Step 0: Gain extra points for the recruitment process


Software developer 6,5k - 11k
gross per month
Mid Software developer 8,5k - 15k
gross per month
Senior Software developer 12k - 22k
gross per month

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Your contact person

Anna Czoska
Talent Acquisition Specialist anna-czoska-dynatrace-com
+48 693 067 190

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