Why I regret joining Dynatrace RD Lab in Gdansk… so late – Interview with Vagiz Duseev

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Kamil Kazimierczak

September 04, 2020

Recently at Dynatrace’s lab in Gdansk, we’ve started a new team called New Frontiers created to tackle a broad range of technologies all the way from cutting edge stuff to rare and unusual software. New position of Research Engineers with DevOps background was opened in Gdansk specifically to fill this team.  This opening turned out to be quite a challenge to fill, but we were superbly happy to welcome Vagiz on board! Check out his perspectives on our recruitment and onboarding process.


Vagiz Duseev


Kamil Kazimierczak: Thanks for finding the time to talk about your onboarding process!  You mentioned that the whole experience was “next level”. What was so different about it?

Vagiz Duseev: Sure thing! I figured that the whole impression is worth sharing.  I thought it would be good to highlight certain aspects that  weren’t visible when I first heard about the position but made the entire process shine once discovered.


Kamil: Not visible? Something you were unaware of?

Vagiz: Well, Dynatrace lists quite rich benefits, but many of them are just, let’s call it table stakes in the IT market. Every major company offers them. What tipped me towards Dynatrace was the personalized touch! Being a foreigner and getting all required paperwork done is far from easy in Poland, but Dynatrace simply takes care of it for you. Our wonderful HR team of Agnieszka Korol and Anna Czoska together with dedicated legal assistant made everything happen in a swift and smooth fashion. I actually had a single 15 min long visit to immigration department. Believe me, for anyone who went through the entire process at least once this will look like pure magic!


Kamil: Sounds like it was a load off your shoulders.

Vagiz: Exactly. But the best part came after I actually joined.


Kamil: What was that?

Vagiz: Equipment. Some people seem to be fine with any hardware as long as it runs better than potato but for geeks like me our work life revolves around cool tech. On my first day I got a top-notch laptop with every peripheral I could imagine including couple top of the market external displays. No shady schemes like co-financing of equipment purchase or staying in a wait list for eternity. The hardware is so powerful it hosts a Kubernetes cluster locally while running a Windows VM in the background and all your usual tools like IDE or browser open with myriad of tabs. I have yet to see Chrome consume all my RAM :) Ever seen those Hacker movies where you do some super cool staff sitting in front of a high-tech setup? That’s what work feels like now.

As for the less geeky subjects, I found out that there is a substantial life insurance added to my salary as well as an investment account opened in my name! That was pretty cool.


Kamil: Sound like a “no regrets” decision here?

Vagiz: I regret not joining Dynatrace RD Lab in Gdansk earlier. I have a feeling I should have done this years ago!  Culture-wise, this is an excellent environment where I can make an impact. Technologically speaking, well, the amount of cool new tech we are dealing with is extreme enough for a separate talk. And most importantly, the role I have as Research Engineer with DevOps background is a great adventure.


Kamil: Great! Are you looking for new team members?

Vagiz: We do! We are keen to talk to people who love working with both new and old tech, code in different languages and value software craftsmanship. Our team is like a small startup withing the company or rather Special Ops unit. If that’s sounds appealing, I urge you to join! Trust me, Dynatrace has a lot to offer.

Open positions

Frontend Engineer


9k - 23k PLN GROSS /mo.

Frontend Developer in a developer relations team


10k - 23k PLN GROSS /mo.

Team Leader (Java)


14k - 23k PLN GROSS /mo.