Leading the UX on a new level – Interview with Adam Michalski, Customer Experience Lead

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Kamil Kazimierczak

October 12, 2020

In Dynatrace R&D, UX has always played a major part in our platform development. Developing a Software Intelligence platform, from the UX perspective, means understanding the needs of multiple users who are looking for fast answers from multiple data sources and in multiple environments, with thousands of touch points, and trying to provide a smooth, coherent experience. With the growth of our product, the roles and responsibilities of a UX team member have also evolved. Solution Experience Lead is the newest role in our R&D, and Adam has decided to take on this new challenge! Check out his perspective on how he perceives the UX roles in R&D!

Adam Michalski, Solution Experience Lead


Kamil Kazimierczak: First things first. Congrats, Adam!

Adam Michalski: Thanks. I must say that it is both thrilling and a little overwhelming to take on this totally new challenge.


Kamil: How come?

Adam: Well, for one thing, this role is a totally new creature here, so it is in our power to define its value to the R&D process, and adding on this value for the whole solution is a major challenge.


Kamil: How is it different from your previous roles at Dynatrace?

Adam: As a UX Designer, I worked closely with dev teams and product managers. This meant working hand to hand with dev team leads and PMs to define problems, research user needs, propose solutions, and validate them with customers. Fortunately, as a mature organization we use the Design System Barista approach and, thanks to our own system, the UI part was mainly narrowed down to making sure that design elements were used properly.


Kamil: Did you enjoy this role? It seems like quite a complex to-do list.

Adam: It for sure is no small set of tasks, and it requires multitasking and a lot of research, but this is what I believe UX design is all about. Getting into the shoes of your customers and finding ways to make their lives easier. I enjoyed that time very much. Thanks to having a chance to work with teams, I learned a lot and I better understand our vast user group and their needs as well as the daily challenges of UX – Dev Team – Technical Product, the Product Triad cooperation workflow.


Kamil: What was next on your career roadmap.

Adam: As the whole UX team kept gradually growing across R&D, so did the Gdansk team, and I took the lead UX role here in Gdańsk. Currently there are about 20+ people working in Dynatrace on all aspects of UX globally, and about 20% are in Gdańsk. We keep hiring, btw!


Kamil: How did you find that challenge?

Adam:  I had the opportunity to grow the Gdańsk team from 2 people to 5 in an organization with 20+ designers working on a complex technical product. It was extremely challenging, but a good experience. I had the luck to find and work with people who appreciate and value great design.

You can imagine how hard for me it was to move on from that to take on the role of Solution Experience Lead for Infrastructure, but I leave the team in good hands and with a great successor who grew with me.


Kamil: And that brings us to your Customer Experience Lead role. What do expect from this?

Adam: We divided our workflow into solutions that focus on solving specific problems for our customers. In my solution, we focus on Infrastructure Monitoring, and I am responsible for the whole Infrastructure Monitoring experience. This is a sign that our organization treats UX very seriously. I now have a bigger opportunity to improve the entire customer journey for our solutions. I focus more on the end-to-end experience from a bird’s eye view, so I can make a greater impact on our product and help our customers achieve their goals faster. 


Kamil: I am sure this will be quite an adventurous journey.

Adam: Definitely. Joining the UX team at Dynatrace was when this journey started really, so if there is any designer looking to join a company that puts all its effort into delivering their own platform, this is the place to apply!

Kamil: Thanks, Adam!

Open positions

Senior/Mid Product Manager


16,5k - 30k PLN GROSS /mo.

Senior/Mid Product UX Designer


10k - 20k PLN GROSS /mo.

Director of Product Management


27k+ PLN GROSS /mo.