Leadership in IT – the Dynatrace way – Interview with Anna Krzykowska

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Kamil Kazimierczak

August 06, 2020

Recently we've established a new Dynatrace approach to leadership in our R&D. Our goal is to scale better and innovate faster. We also believe that autonomous teams deliver more and cooperate smarter, so we have decided to split responsibilities of our Development Leads into two roles: Director of Software Development and Lead Product Engineer.

During this transition, Anna Krzykowska has taken on the challenge to tackle the responsibilities of a Director of Software Development.


Anna Krzykowska



Kamil Kazimierczak: Hats off, Anna! Congrats on the new role! How many of those have you had in Dynatrace?

Anna Krzykowska:  Let me think, well, I’ve been with the company for over 12 years, started as a Software Developer, so that is one, then moved on to be a Team Lead - so second one. Next we decided to have people and product development related management in one role of a Development Lead, so this was 3rd one, and now off to a new challenge, so this is fourth one.


Kamil: That is impressive! What was the common factor for all those roles that you found most interesting?

Anna: Well, software engineering is a specific occupation. In my opinion it is one of the few professions that requires more or less equal level of creativity and hard-core logic. This creates a certain vibe within teams that I try to grasp and build upon so they can better innovate.


Kamil: So, compared to working with one team, what is it like to work with a few of them?

Anna: Well, on top of this being more work, it is also a bit of a different challenge, as the key factor is to have the teams cooperate smoothly. Our core development teams are spread across Europe, so making sure that communication flows smoothly and knowledge is shared becomes the main goal.


Kamil: How do find your new role and how do you think our new approach works?

Anna:  We changed the leadership approach, as on one hand we need be very close to our product, our vision and goals, and on the other hand we need to work smart, communicate better, and keep on learning so we can innovate. This is also why at Dynatrace we now have the roles of Director of Software Development and Lead Product Engineer. My goal in the new role is to enhance workflows, processes, and the overall working experience in our engineering teams so that teams can focus on their charter to deliver great customer value. An important part of this role is to find the best mapping between a team member and their place in the organization, so that they can simultaneously grow as an engineer and create the most value for the customer.

Kamil: Thanks Anna. 

Open positions

Director of Software Engineering


27k+ PLN GROSS /mo.

Senior/Mid Product UX Designer


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Software Engineer (Java)


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