Every Cloud Team member should have a bit of the cloud fanatic inside

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Monika Serafin

February 17, 2021

Every Cloud Team member should have a bit of the cloud fanatic inside, so why are we looking to make Cloud Fanatic a separate role? Maciej Pawłowski, Director, Product Manager at Dynatrace, explains the main features of the role. Find more details below.   


MS: You joined Dynatrace one year ago after 18 years at another company. Wow. How can you sum up your first year with us?  

Maciej Pawłowski: It was a true opportunity to reinvent myself in a leadership role and make sure that the purpose of this change was not just to bring myself to the new organization, but to bring the new organization to me - on multiple levels and in multiple meanings. 


MS: You once said that it's not a piece of cake to join a changing team in a changing organization. Tell me more about your role and how it is changing. 

MP: I was initially hired for the Technical Product Manager role, to which I applied on purpose so I could get my hands dirty in a complex software product. Dynatrace was already growing very fast and drove new value creation approach to cooperation across Product Management, Engineering, and Technical Marketing. Basically, we want Product Management to be more into the business and experience areas (as opposed to predominantly technical), and to adopt a "working backwards" mindset while making sure Engineering has much more leadership in execution and is always included in crucial business decisions so they can autonomously make technical decisions.   


When stepping into the Product Management Director role, this train was already running. I had to embrace and lead the change, which was obvious and natural to me as a new kid on the block with previous strategic planning experience, but it required much more from people who were here for a longer time. You can imagine that it was not easy to become the face of these changes as a new guy.   


At the same time, the push for the world's immediate move to digital after the COVID-19 outburst sped growth in the software observability business, where Dynatrace is a leading companyThe move to cloud environments became inevitable for many businesses, and cloud adoption was largely expedited together with the need to support cloud observability seamlessly. All that created a need for us to come up with new, specialized roleBasically, we would like to partner with people who cut their teeth on cloud technology and everything related to it, and who still want more! 


MS: The Cloud Fanatic? 

MP: Yes. At Dynatrace, we deliver cloud monitoring solutions that leverage Dynatrace's cutting-edge AI technology to help companies operate more efficiently and adapt to changing needs, giving customers a foundation for the future. We want the Cloud Fanatic to continuously stay on top of state-of-the-art cloud technology advancements and actively share that knowledge within Dynatrace. The Cloud Fanatic needs to be self-driven, fearless, and ready to challenge the status quo, and needs to understand the modern cloud universe as well as enterprise software and SaaS. We of course understand that a person like that could be specialized in one of the top cloud vendor technologies. 


MS: Tell me a little more about this role. Why did we call it Cloud Fanatic?  

MP: First, we need a fanatic mindset to constantly and mercilessly challenge us to think cloud when we plan new endeavors. Also, it's a “Chuck Norris “or “MacGyver” kind of role. Working on the edge of technology and business means being technical, hands-on, and communicative all at the same time. It means cooperating with engineering, product management, marketing, C-suite, cloud vendors, Dynatrace customers, partners, and many more roles. The Cloud Fanatic needs to stay on top of new advances in the cloud business, evangelize about them, and influence Dynatrace products and stakeholders to support the advances that fit our vision and fit the needs of our customers and partners.    


MS: That sounds quite comprehensive. What would the Cloud Fanatic’s typical day look like?  

MP: Actually, there is nothing typical about this role, so my answer here is that there will be no typical dayOne certain thing is that it’s all about influence and using it on a daily basis. We are not hiring Cloud Fanatic only to tell him or her what to do; we are looking for a Cloud Fanatic who can tell us what to do. 


🚀🚀🚀 Apply and join Dynatrace as Cloud Fanatic 

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