Building software between green hills and the sea

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Kamil Kazimierczak

August 26, 2020

Interview with Ewa Fijołek, Software Development Director

Photo 1: Navigating Green Dragon VO70 during Rolex Giraglia Cup.


Kamil Kazimierczak: Hi. Thanks for taking the time to chat. I was hoping we could run a little retro on what brought you here from Warsaw and what you think of your decision now after spending eight months at Dynatrace Lab in Gdańsk.

Ewa Fijołek: Sure. Let’s break it down then like in a proper retro. First, my job. My job is my passion, I dedicate a lot to what I do. I need to enjoy the people I work with and the things that we create together. I had been thinking about moving to Gdańsk for a while and looking for interesting opportunities, but it wasn’t until I “discovered” Dynatrace that I decided to move. While my job is a very important part of my life; it is not everything. I’m a professional sailing navigator and photographer, and I enjoy hiking, horse riding, and long bike rides a lot. Before moving to Gdansk, I did not suspect that the Tricity would offer me all of the above, and more.


Kamil: I see, so this was your search criteria and what were the results.

Ewa: Well, in terms of place, the Tricity and Gdańsk were an obvious choice. The moment I shut off my laptop, I already have plans. Either I go sailing, open water swimming in the Baltic Sea, biking or horse riding, and all of that is not more than 5 to 15 minutes from my place!


Kamil: So many choices! What do you usually choose?

Ewa: This really depends on the weather. If there’s a good wind, it can’t not be sailing. But being positioned in between green hills and the sea makes it all possible, which is really a big change for me. Living five minutes from the seashore is also very convenient for my second profession, which is sailing photography (

Racing yacht Sailing Poland sailing through the meadow of cyanobacteria – from the top of 30m mast.


Kamil: How about second part of the search query, your job?

Ewa: I wanted to work in a company that develops its own product, that works fast and agile, a place where my impact is visible. Choosing Dynatrace was a no-brainer. Its own fast-growing product? Check. A fast-growing market for the product? Check. Agility in operations? Check. And, finally, the team and the people, and during my interview process, I was only reassured that this is a good choice!


Kamil: That was back then, before you moved, how about now? Any surprises?

Ewa: Well, so far, so good. I mean, surprises happened, but rather on the positive side.


Kamil: Like?

Ewa: For example, fast and data-driven decision-taking process – if you want to change something, and you want to own it, it will happen fast. Leaders who are oriented to help you. Dynatrace culture is an interesting mix of autonomy and respect. And small things, which matter: 90% of R&D works in one Central European time zone, which means no late-night calls. When you get off work, you don’t have any late evening calls and can enjoy living in the area. The Dynatrace relocation program also helped. I didn’t have to find an apartment before I moved to Gdansk. Dynatrace provided an apartment for the first month and gave me full relocation support. A very convenient solution.


Kamil: Seems to me you’re not regretting your decision?

Ewa: Let me put it this way. After a day full of interesting challenges at work, I am going sailing. This sentence works well in Sydney and San Francisco, of course, but also in Gdańsk, which was a very nice surprise to me.


Open positions

Director of Software Engineering


27k+ PLN GROSS /mo.

Frontend Developer in a developer relations team


10k - 23k PLN GROSS /mo.

Senior Data Engineer


14k - 23k PLN GROSS /mo.