Conquer the world with your voice. To be a Tech Evangelist at Dynatrace

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Monika Serafin

March 12, 2021

Public speeches can inspire, educate, change the way you think, and even make you... adopt a cat. Meet Katarzyna Balcerzak, one of our Dynatrace Tech Evangelists. One year ago, she joined the team and conquered the world with her words at top conferences in Warsaw, London, and even more!


MS: Kasia, you joined Dynatrace one year ago. In three words, how would you describe this time?

Katarzyna Balcerzak: Working from home. 😉 I haven’t had the opportunity to work from the office yet. My first day? It was one day after Dynatrace was informed that employees will work remotely. Fortunately, migration to new reality was smooth for me. Honorable mention my CARPE team, who are among the friendliest and most supportive people in Dynatrace. 


MS: You joined our Dynatrace Evangelist program. Why?

KB: I had some experience with public speaking at various events, so when I saw Dynatrace was looking for a Tech Evangelist, I instantly decided to be a part of this initiative. I love the atmosphere at tech conferences. I love hearing stories from awesome people doing great stuff at their jobs or on their pet projects.


MS: How do you combine being a Dynatrace Evangelist with a regular job?

KB: I’m combining my evangelist responsibilities with my regular job. I have time for preparing presentation proposals and practicing presentations during my business hours. I really enjoy working this way. I can try new things as an engineer and later share what I’ve learned. What's more, Dynatrace actively supports me in preparing my presentations. Other evangelists and I have access to Piotr Bucki, who we consult on form and performance. We can also borrow equipment for webinars.


MS: What performances do you remember the most?

KB: The last one at the NDC London Conference. It was the first time when I used only my drawings in a presentation. I got excellent feedback on the slides. I will remember this conference because one person decided to adopt a cat after watching my talk. At least, this is what they said in feedback.


MS: Some advice for the future Dynatrace Tech Evangelist?

KB: Overcome your imposter syndrome. When I started, I was convinced that I don’t have any interesting topics to share, and that, before I could start presenting, I would first need to learn more, gather more experience. But that wasn’t right. I have a lot of interesting stories about how to teach developers testing, about the incident review, about testing smart homes. Think about what you enjoyed and write an abstract about it.

Meetups and conference organizers are always looking for new speakers. Craft Conf is organizing a “Women in Craft” Diversity Program. They give away tickets to the conference. Craft Conf is one of my favorite conferences in Europe, so I really recommend it. People are friendly and approachable. One of my best memories is talking to Daniel Terhorst-North about becoming a public speaker. He did a great job empowering me to give it a try.


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Katarzyna Balcerzak

Sofware Engineer

A trained archaeologist who nowadays specializes in discovering of legacy systems. She takes care of shared infrastructure and tooling the organization needs. Wherever Kasia can get involved in quality and testing you will see her there. 

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