A year in Dynatrace – Gdansk RD Lab – Interview with Adam Jakubowski

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Kamil Kazimierczak

August 06, 2020

A year in Dynatrace – Gdansk RD Lab – Interview with Adam Jakubowski

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year in Dynatrace already. This has been a superbly interesting and challenging experience. Together with Dynatracers, we achieved our goals of keeping the lead in the Software Intelligence market and we are attacking new markets with our Dynatrace platform. The team in Gdansk has grown and we are aiming to become the number one employer of choice for top tech talents.


On this first anniversary, we took a little pause to stop, sum up, and think about the next big steps to take. Check out this interview below.


Adam Jakubowski



Kamil Kazimierczak: A year flew by so fast. It seems like yesterday when we were onboarding you. From this perspective, were your reasons for taking the job fulfilled?

Adam Jakubowski: I am hungry for challenges and wanted to find place where top tech solves hard customer problems and that has a great working culture. On top of that, I wanted to stay in the Tri-City and Gdańsk, as I find it a great place to live. Dynatrace has proven to be an ideal choice.


Kamil: How do you remember your recruitment and first month at Dynatrace?

Adam: The process itself was smooth and seamless, but not easy. I was recruited for a Dev Lead role and this required a workshop session in our R&D Lab in Linz. The challenge was interesting and demanding.  The first month was a bit of a shock, coming from a rather mature organization delivering a product in a quite well-defined market, Dynatrace and its potential for growth seemed … well, exciting would be the right word here.

Value for our customers is massive, and the initiatives we are undertaking to be the best in class are brave and innovative, and the market is exponential.


Kamil: Your leadership potential was quickly noticed and you moved from a Dev Lead to Lab Lead rather fast. What was the biggest difference and challenge?

Adam: This new role is a huge challenge with a bigger scope of responsibilities. I had to dive into all the aspects of running an engineering site. We want to innovate faster, cooperate better, and grow in quality steadily. All my actions are driven by those factors. This also, for example, means building out a new, more collaborative office, making sure our brand is well perceived internally and externally, and enabling our teams to be autonomous.


Kamil: Autonomous? What do you mean by that?

Adam: Well, let’s take it from the top. The main goal for Dynatrace is to build software that provides ultimate value to customers. To achieve this, we need the right talent at the right moment in the right roles on the right teams. Assuming we are agile enough and are doing a good job with this, we believe that, in order to create value for our customers, our teams need to be able to make smart decisions fast. So we empower them to do so. We have developed a simple framework allowing any team to take decisions. This means everyone has the power to create, and all of us have the responsibility for it.  



Kamil: Is that important?

Adam: All of us here want to have influence, all of us want to create and improve -- it is natural for people that have the so-called product gene. The more we grow, the more challenging it gets, so I would say that it is crucial that we cater to the rule of autonomy.


Kamil: So what’s next? Big goals, plans?

Adam: Well, we have quite a lot of big goals and plans, but the biggest are:

  • New office – we have rented more space in Alchemia, Platinum tower, and currently occupy three and a half floors that are being modernized. We are working on creating a unique space that allows smooth collaboration and workspace intimacy, both of which are equally needed in R&D ops.
  • Growth and development: We have had a good year and managed to grow in number and quality, hiring great talents. We want to continue this trend and, on top of that, we want to skill up inside so that we can continue to deliver a great product and customer value.
  • Enhancing autonomy: Our product goals are ambitious. To fulfill them with value, we need to act with freedom and responsibility. My goal is to keep on empowering our teams and new team members in this area.


Kamil: How about the current COVID-19 pandemic? How does it affect the Lab and Dynatrace?

Adam: We are following advice both from our HQ and from the Polish government. We have switched to remote work and all our teams currently work from home.  Despite the pandemic, business continues to grow. You can read all about it on our company blog:


Kamil: Thanks, Adam. Any last words?

Adam: Sure. Now, more than ever, we know that our tag line ‘the world needs software to work perfectly’ is very accurate, and if our readers also believe it, they should check out our job openings and apply!


Open positions

Director of Software Engineering


27k+ PLN GROSS /mo.

Senior/Mid Product Manager


16,5k - 30k PLN GROSS /mo.

Director of Product Management


27k+ PLN GROSS /mo.