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Have you dreamed about creating a product that changes the face and the direction of the whole tech industry?

  • Would you like to feel proud, when in 20-30 years’ time we will be having, a cold beer looking back at what we achieved together?
  • Are you sick of overwhelming ppt and excel tasks, and would like to turn your attention to serious world class product, with customers like Netflix, Apple, Google and thousands others and challenges ahead?

Then we would like to meet and discuss how both sides could benefit from working together.

We are looking for leaders experienced in roles of, cto, chief product officers, dev leads, product directors, chief software architects, entrepreneurs and tech startup founders, who would like to take on new exciting product challenges.

What will your role be?

It is not in our DNA to tell people we hire what to do. We thrive on our skills and knowledge and act as a team of people where everyone can lead in their area of excellence.

Whether you want to:

  • build, lead and develop teams - so that we can handle more cutting edge technological tasks, or
  • develop and optimize the architectural design of our product, or
  • impact the development road map of our product features,

is up to you!

No matter the path you take, we want you to constantly take on new technological challenges, inspire the people around you, encourage and lead to growth.

Help us handle complex development, scalability and security topics in such areas like API, Cloud, Business Analytics, UX Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality/Augment Reality, Natural User Interface and others.

Come by >> get to know us >> decide!

What we provide?

  • First and foremost: A serious challenge. Developing a global leading product, not just another app/project, that gets forgotten in no time. We are a leader in Application Performance Monitoring and we do not plan to stop here.
  • Second: Trust. Yeah a big word, but also a big deal for us. You get all the tools and support you need, and we will let you create. This deal has no fine print: You will be the father of success or failure of the part you take ownership for.
  • Third: Culture and atmosphere. We are here, cause we thrive on creating a product, devoted to succeed, thus we support each other in daily routines and do not create obstacles, complex structures, unnecessary process. Simple is good.
  • Fourth: Money? Yep. Prove your worth and we are sure to strike a deal. Perks? Hell yeah. Food, sports, insurance – you name it, we probably got it!
    Working conditions? 3 words – no open spaces.

Interested >> apply below or just call us @ 0xB514D9738

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Anna Czoska
Talent Acquisition Specialist anna-czoska-dynatrace-com
+48 693 067 190

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