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Why do we come to work every day?
... because ... "the world needs software to work perfectly".

This is our mission at Dynatrace. As software intelligence leaders, we have a unique opportunity to change the world in many aspects. We are changing the way people work, live, spend their free time, but we can also change the environment around us. At Dynatrace, we try to make an environment we work at a healthy place for all of us. Dynatrace supports all the initiatives that help us keep fit and give us power to create software that makes a difference.

That's why you can use multisport cards, practice all sorts of sports using the Alchemia building facilities, represent Dynatrace in numerous running and cycling races. You're also provided with office equipment that helps you keep your bodies and minds in good shape, i.e. standing desks, ergonomic chairs, etc.

This time we want to take a step further. As a socially responsible company, we would like to positively impact environment around us, while helping you to stay fit and environmentally conscious at the same time.


Public Transport

We reimburse a monthly ticket for public transport including weekends.


Fit Rides

We provide fit allowance for not polluting the air, and run, bike or scoot to work.



You can combine public transport and fit rides to getthe ticket reimbursement and the fit allowance.

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