Senior Java / Test Framework Developer

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Who we are looking for?

EP and IAS teams are, in short, supporting development teams that create and maintain internal software, builds, services and infrastructure. We are chiefly responsible for anything that falls under the umbrella term of "Continuous Integration and Deployment".

The array of skill-sets in the teams is second to none, with passionate Java developers working on custom dev tools and test frameworks, build and automation specialists doing their magic in Gradle, makefiles and build server scripting to the configuration management folks, who handle infrastructure as code using scripting languages and configuration management tools. We even have a mainframe guy. One thing that makes us stand out, other than the range of skills, is that everyone in the team has to be very communicative and willing to help others, as we are an international team that considers developers its clients. Most of us are developers that work a little bit on the OPS side.

What do we expect from you?

  • Excellent Java programming skills
  • Ability to complete assigned tasks independently and as a part of a multi-cultural team;
  • Very good communication skills in English;
  • Knowledge of building tools (Gradle, Maven, Ivy, Ant);
  • Experience in using popular libraries like: Apache Commons, Google Guava, JUnit, Mockito;
  • Knowledge of Test Automation / Engineering Productivity

Highly beneficial

  • Experience in distributed and multi-tier web applications
  • Hands-on knowledge of tools and techniques helping to write high quality code;

About your team

Meet the RTA&IAS Team!

EP (Engineering Productivity) is responsible for providing builds and test frameworks for Dynatrace. This means a lot of Java and Gradle development as well as frequent interaction with build servers and pipelines (Quickbuild, Jenkins). One of our flag solutions is the Big Test Framework, a unified framework that allows developers to easily create and run integration tests of product components without having to care much about prerequisites. Familiarity with a vast array of different libraries is a common thing, as we handle a lot of the third party dependencies that our products have. Using docker is fairly common, although most things happen on VMware.

IAS (Infrastructure and Services) means just that. In this case "Infrastructure" means internal company systems, as opposed to "client infrastructure" in the names of other teams. Daily business includes work with Configuration Management Tools (CMTs) - Puppet, Razor, Packer, all sorts of virtualization systems like vSphere and KVM, container systems such as docker or lxc as well as both internal and external cloud solutions. We provide a lot of services, including, but not limited to: VM and container management systems, version control systems, code indexers, artifact and symbol storage, log collection, diagnostics and analysis. We also handle deployment, pipelines and build processes for some customer facing applications such as the website or demo environments. Most of the external cloud work happens on Amazon. We also try to work on Azure, but nothing ever seems to work there.

Recruitment process

Step 1: You send us your job application.

Step 2: We invite you to a personal meeting with us.

Step 3: You meet with the Development Lead and team members to talk about your experience, technical skills, and English communication skills.

Step 4: If everything works out, you meet with the Development Lead and HR representative to sign your contract and celebrate your joining
the Dynatrace Team!

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Your contact person

Anna Czoska
Talent Acquisition Hero anna-czoska-dynatrace-com
+48 795 486 406

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